Enterprise S9300 Series Terabit Routing Switches
​The S9300 series switches (S9300s) are next-generation high-end terabit routing switches, developed by Huawei and designed for multiservice convergence. The S9300 design is based on Huawei's...
Enterprise S7700 Series Smarter Routing Switches
The S7700 series switches (S7700) are high-end smart routing switches designed for next-generation enterprise networks. The S7700 design is based on Huawei's intelligent multi-layer switching...
Enterprise S6700 Series 10G Switches
​The S6700 series switches (S6700s) are next-generation 10G box switches. The S6700 can function as an access switch in an Internet data center (IDC) or a core switch on a campus network.The...
Enterprise S5700 Series Gigabit Switches
The S5700 series gigabit enterprise switches (S5700s) are next-generation energy-saving switches developed by Huawei to meet the demand for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet multi-service...
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