SmartNVR 100
SmartNVR 100 is A small-sized video surveillance system that can manage a maximum of16 cameras at the same time, and itcan be easily installed on a PC.

It Works in C/S mode to implement system management, service scheduling, and simple maintenance.Supports Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system.Applied to places that require small-sized surveillance solutions, such as convenience stores, gas stations, and banking outlets.


Hardware requirement

Technical Specifications


Common PC

Operating system

Windows XP、Windows 7

Max. capacity

16 cameras

Hardware configuration

CPU:core i5

Memory ≧ 2 GHz

Hard disk ≧ 2 TB (depending on the video/image storage duration)

Video adapter: nvidia GTX470



Supported PUs

HUAWEI PUs 、Hikivision PUs and Dahua PUs

Application scenario

Cyber bars

Convenience stores

Banking outlets


Gasoline stations

Parking areas

Software function

Major Functions

Specific Functions



PU management

Huawei Smart NVR 100 conforms to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard.
It supports the software development kits (SDKs) of Hikvision and Dahua.

User management

Users can log in to the system only after passing the authentication. Administrators can assign operation rights to users based on user roles.

Alarm management

Alarms are reported in timely manner and historical alarms can be browsed.


Real-time browsing

Users can view real-time videos in different video panes on a client.

PTZ control

Users can control the PTZ rotation, and zoom in or zoom out the lens.

Camera image switch

Users can switch among cameras to display different images on the client.

Preset and automatic cruise

Users can preset the camera cruise using the PTZ controller and manually start cruise on the client.

Video storage and playback

Videos can be stored as planned, manually, or when alarms are reported. Stored videos are indexed and can be played as required.

Image capturing

Images can be captured on the client and saved in BMP format.

Intercom and broadcast

Users can enable or disable the intercom function.
The client can broadcast to all the PU devices.

Alarm linkage

Alarms can be reported by cameras or triggered by external input. Alarms include motion detection alarms, video block alarms, and alarms triggered by external input. Users can preset the PTZ to ensure that a camera is switched to the correct position so that the camera can record the ongoing event when an alarm is reported.


Log query

Logs are classified into system logs, operation logs, and alarm logs. Users can query a specific type of logs or all the logs.


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