Integrated Access Device – eSpace IAD1224
The Huawei Integrated Access Device eSpace IAD1224 (IAD1224) is a remote access device for IP private branch exchanges (PBXs) that delivers medium-capacity voice over IP (VoIP) and fax over IP (FoIP) access services to medium-sized branches of enterprises.

The IAD1224 provides 224 foreign exchange station (FXS) interfaces, allowing employees to seamlessly access enterprises' broadband networks where they can benefit from premium and cost-effective services. Flexible networking configurations and quality of service (QoS) policies enable the IAD1224 to provide effective quality assurance for delay-sensitive voice services and packet loss-sensitive fax services, thereby offering end-users high-quality voice and fax services.


Multi-Service Access

  • Supports voice, fax, and PSTN supplementary services.

Multi-thronged Assurance

  • Supports authentication, alleviating users' concerns with conversation security.
  • Supports dual homing, power-off survivability, and QoS policies, providing users with a highly reliable office experience.

Flexible Deployment and Easy Installation

  • Supports a unified network management system (eSpace EMS) for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Supports unified service rollout and management, lightening the workload and alleviating rollout and management concerns of enterprises.

Item/Specifications eSpace IAD1224
User Interface FXS 224
FXO None
Physical port WAN 1
Serial port 1
Supported Protocol SIP Yes
Physical Feature Dimensions (H x W x D) mm3 Standard 19-inch 2 U subrack 81.6 mm x 310 mm x 442 mm
Power Supply Input /Output 110 V AC/220 V DC 50 Hz/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 200 W

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