Huawei IP PBX eSpace U1910
The Huawei IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) eSpace U1910, abbreviated as the U1910, is a small capacity switch device contained in Huawei IP telephony solutions that provides professional IP voice services for a maximum of 100 users within an enterprise. The U1910 features high integration and hybrid narrowband and broadband, and can network analog devices, IP phones and soft terminals to deliver access services for local analog users, remote integrated access device (IAD) users, IP phone users and soft terminal users. In addition, the U1910 supports AC or DC power supplies with 1+1 redundancy backup, a unified network management system (eSpace EMS), and intuitive tools for quick site deployments. These design features effectively improve service deployment and communication efficiency for enterprises and help them build a better public.


    Efficient Contact, Helping Grasp Business Opportunities

  • Supports the One Number Link You (ONLY) service, enabling users to avoid missing any important calls at any time and from any place, and helping them grasp business opportunities.
  • Supports embedded voice mail system,such as voice message leaving, receiving and sending, call reachability guarantee at any time.

  • Enhanced Enterprise Image

  • Provides a main number service, which shows a unified enterprise image to the public and helps create more brand value.

  • Flexible Deployment and Easy Installation Within One Hour

  • Supports a unified network management system (eSpace EMS) for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Supports unified service rollout and management, lightening the workload and alleviating rollout and management concerns of enterprises.

Item Specifications

Maximum Number of Users 100
Trunk interfaces E1, T1, FXO
Terminal Type Analog phone, IP phone, video phone and soft terminal
Signaling Protocol PRI, SS7 (ISUP/TUP), R2, QSIG, SIP
Codec G.711A/μ, G.729a/b, iLBC
Number of Meeting Channels 2 meeting halls (each supporting a maximum of 6 parties) and 6 meeting channels
Power Supply AC: 90 V to 265 V; DC: –38.4 V to –60 V
50 Hz/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 200 W
Dimensions (H x W x D) Standard 19-inch 2 U subrack
86.1 mm x 442 mm x 310 mm
Weight 10kg
System Reliability 99.995%
Maintainability Remote maintenance, automatic configuration, log collection, and daylight saving time (DST)
Manageability Centralized/Remote equipment management, signaling tracing, resource tracing, alarm management, and area-based management

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