5-AP Wireless Menedzsment Szoftver
  • Wireless Management Solution for up to 5 Access Points
  • Simplify wireless configuration and management from one console
  • Manages a variety of NETGEAR wireless Access Points

Easy to use wireless network management for small networks

The NETGEAR ProSafe 5-AP Wireless Management Software is an easy to use tool to simplify the set up and maintenance of small wireless networks. Supporting up to fi ve access points, the WMS105 Software provides a single location to confi gure and upgrade the entire wireless network. Priced less than a single access point, the WMS105 software provides signifi cant time savings and simplifi es the deployment of a wireless network.


Mimicking the set up process of a single access point, the easy to use WMS105 Software enables even novice users to adopt a centralized management architecture. With automatic discovery of all supported access points in the network, the WMS105 Software speeds the confi guration of a multiple access point network.


By centrally confi guring all access points in the network, the WMS105 Software ensures identical wireless parameters and security settings throughout the coverage area so that clients, guests and unwanted intruders all get appropriate access to network resources. Setting up WPA2 encryption keys to keep traffi c safe from prying eyes and MAC authentication lists to only allow approved devices on the wireless network can be done once and sent out to the entire network. When used with ProSafe Access Points, the WMS105 software can confi gure a guest SSID for the wireless network to allow visitors safe access to the Internet without allowing visibility to company fi les or resources. Additionally, 802.1x network authentication can be applied for further verifi cation of clients’ rights to be on the network.

Access Points

Supporting a wide portfolio of standard NETGEAR access points, the WMS105 Software enables customers to select the right access points for their needs, even mixing models to provide the right coverage, as well as an upgrade path as technology changes. The access points retain their standalone capabilities and do not require a conversion to be managed by the WMS105 software. Supported models include SOHO-class 802.11G access points as well as professional caliber dual band 802.11N access points.


wms105 product features and benefits

wms105 product specification

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