Tecal ES2000 SSD
The Tecal ES2000 SSD (ES2000) is a high-performance storage device based on storage media, namely NAND Flash chips. It is applicable to scenarios such as high-speed caches, downloading, and information search, which require high input/output (I/O) on server storage. In addition, it provides high Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), low power consumption, a longer life span, and high reliability. These features eliminate the bottlenecks of high I/O requirements on server storage, improve operational efficiency of server systems, lower noise levels, and reduce OPEX and TCO for customers.


The ES2000 uses PCIe interfaces as SSD storage interfaces, providing up to a 20GB bandwidth that is far greater than the 6GB bandwidth of SAS interfaces. The capacity of each ES2000 is 1TB, which is far greater than that of traditional SSD disks. With features such as high performance and large capacity, the integrated performance of the ES2000 is dozens of times greater than that of traditional disks. This alone can help to eliminate bottlenecks on disk performance. the ES2000 is an SSD storage product that is particularly applicable to large-scale commercial use. For example, almost 10,000 ES2000s have been deployed to the Baidu search system since 2007.

High IOPS and Performance

  • Provides high read/write speeds. The random-read Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) of four bytes is 250,000, and random-write IOPS of four bytes is 80,000.

Low Power Consumption

  • Reduces power consumption without noises.

High Reliability and Longevity

  • Adopts the abrasion balance calculation, supports error checking and correcting (ECC) and bad block management to ensure data reliability;
  • Adopts the NAND Flash chips that can store data for over 10 years as storage media;
  • Adopts a non-mechanical structure to ensure a long life span.
Item Specifications
Model ES3060M
Connectors PCIe x8 of full height and full length, compatible with PCIe 1.1 specifications
Storage capacity* 640GB*
IOPS (random read and write with a data block of 4KB) 250,000 random read IOPS and 80,000 random write IOPS
Maximum read performance 1200Mbps
Maximum write performance 700Mbps
Data reliability The ECC engine supports 16 bit/512 bytes error checks and corrections.
RAID 5 configuration
Intelligent data inspection technology prevents errors.
Storage media MLC flash granule
Power 20W
Long-term operating temperature 0–50°C (32–122°F)
Relative operating humidity 5%–85% RH
Dimensions (L x W x T) 253.8 mm x 21.6 mm x 125.1 mm (10.00 in. x 0.85 in. x 4.93 in.)

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