OceanStor VIS6000
The OceanStor VIS6000 series is industry-leading virtual intelligent storage products. The series satisfies customers' requirements for heterogeneous storage consolidation and ierarchical disaster recovery. Providing secure and open storage as well as high reliability and performance, it provides unified management, data migration, and multi-level data protection for heterogeneous environments.


Powerful Virtualization Capability

  • Resource consolidation across heterogeneous disk arrays. With a virtualized architecture on the network layer, the VIS6000 integrates storage devices of different brands and models into one storage pool. So the customer uses the logical storage resources provided by the VIS6000 and does not need to care about details on the back-end storage devices.
  • Seamless integration of FC and IP networks The VIS6000 provides FC and iSCSI connectivity for both frontend hosts and back-end disk arrays.
  • Resource allocation on demand The VIS6000 allows applications to provide the user with a virtual capacity that is larger than the actual capacity allocated by the storage system. This optimizes the utilization of storage space and simplifies resource allocation, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

Perfect Data Protection Capability

  • Mirroring: Supporting disaster recovery (DR) between heterogeneous disk arrays through mirroring, the VIS6000 guarantees business continuity and provides highly reliable DR solutions.
  • Replication: Remote DR policies enable the user to implement unified deployment and management of multi-service DR applications at different levels. The I/O-specific data replication technology eliminates data loss.

Advanced Architecture Design

  • High performance
    The VIS6000 allows a maximum of eight nodes to work in active-active mode.
    One node has a maximum of 12 ports for connections.
    The performance increases linearly with the number of nodes.
  • Excellent reliability
    Full hardware redundancy eliminates the impact of single points of failure and ensures 7 x 24 service running. The advanced active-active cluster technology realizes multipath load balancing and failover and frees the system from interruptions.

Easy System Management

  • Device management
    The network management system monitors the device running state in real time, and the full-dimensional fault diagnosis mechanism greatly simplifies the management.
  • Resource management
    Friendly graphical user interfaces simplify planning and scheduling of heterogeneous storage resources, level up the management efficiency, and optimize resource utilization.
  • DR management
    The customizable DR solution provides multiple DR management services, such as DR tests, drilling, maintenance, and evaluation.
Model VIS6300 VIS6600
Architecture Multi-node cluster with load balancing Active-active
Number of nodes 2 (standard), 8 (maximum)
Processors per node 64-bit Multi-core CPU
Cache per node 4 GB (standard),32 GB (maximum) 8 GB (standard), 32 GB (maximum)
Service ports per node Twelve 4Gbps FC ports or twelve 1 Gbit/s GE ports
Basic features Storage virtualization
Multipath load balancing and failover
Multi-node cluster
Value-added features Heterogeneous volume mirroring
Data consistency agent: HostAgent
Data replication
Storage compatibility Huawei Symantec Oceanspace series
Huawei OceanStor series
IBM System Storage DS series, TotalStorage DS series, FAS series
HP StorageWorks MSA series, EVA series, XP series
EMC CLARiiON CX series, Symmetrix DMX series
Fujitsu ETERNUS 2000 series
Hitachi AMS/WMS series, Lightning series, Thunder series, USP/NSC series
SUN StorageTek series
IP SAN and FC SAN storage of other standard interfaces
multipathing software UltraPath (for Windows/Linux/AIX), STMS (Solaris), PV-Links (HP-UX), VxDMP (All OS)
Host compatibility Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer
Management interface Graphical user interface and service configuration wizards
Alarm management Alarm notification through the network management interface, indicator, buzzer, email, short message, and SNMP
Remote management SSH login, remote Web login, and modem dial-up connection
Power supply and consumption AC 200V-240V (50/60Hz) ≤480W
DC -48V~-60V ≤480W
AC 200V-240V (50/60Hz) ≤680W
DC -48V~-60V ≤680W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 446mm(W)×600mm(D)×175mm(H)
Weight 42kg 46kg
Operating temperature 5℃~40℃
Operating humidity 20%~80% (non-condensing)
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