HUAWEI VPC520 HD video camera provides a complete set of 1080p 50/60 HD videoconferencing service by a 1/3-inch and 2-megapixel HD CMOS image sensor and optimum 3-in-1 automatic adjustment and Powerful video noise reduction technologies.


Elegant appearance

Built on an integrated design, HUAWEI VPC520 features a semi-concealed lens. Sleek and graceful, the camera gives a soft, friendly, and stylish appearance.

Easy image-format settings through buttons and an LCD screen

Combined with innovative buttons and an LCD screen, HUAWEI VPC520 supports various real-time image format settings and LCD screen switches. Unlike traditional cameras that require DIP switch settings, HUAWEI VPC520 eliminates the need for additional tools.

Superior image quality powered by a 2-megapixel HD CMOS sensor

Utilizing a 1/3-inch and 2-megapixel HD CMOS image sensor, HUAWEI VPC520 provides HD and high-resolution images and three image modes to guarantee high-performance videoconferencing services. By offering top-quality dynamic images, the camera offers you optimized visual experiences.

Powerful video noise reduction

HUAWEI VPC520 provides strong adaptability to various lighting environments. Based on a 3D video filtering solution that incorporates Huawei’s HD technology, the device has significantly reduced white noise from the sensor. This enables the camera to create clear, natural, and accurate color shades and present lifelike videos, thus offering you amazing video experiences.

Optimum 3-in-1 automatic adjustment

Designed with intelligent image processing in mind, HUAWEI VPC520 features three automated capabilities: automatic white balance (AWB), autoexposure (AE), and autofocus (AF). These capabilities combine to provide a fully automated and user-friendly device that delivers optimized images and supports 3-in-1 automatic adjustment.

Powerful PTZ mechanism

Equipped with the latest pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) electrical control, HUAWEI VPC520 handles quick movements, high precision positioning, and a wide shooting angle. It does not generate noise even during fast movements, and the camera can operate within a panning range of up to 200º (±100º) and a tilting range of up to 50º (±25º).

120*zoom (10*optical + 12*digital)

Thanks to its high-performance fast and stable AF lens, HUAWEI VPC520 supports 120x zoom operations to facilitate high-quality distant view-finding and shooting.

IR Receiver

The IR receiver of camera can receive the signal from the remote control of codecs ,codecs can be hidden as you want.

Six preset positions

HUAWEI VPC520 has a number of preset features, such as PTZ and focus positions, and Backlight Compensation. Even when the camera is turned off, the preset data is saved, which in turn enables quick switching between videos taken at different scenes during a conference, and significantly improves the response speed of the camera.

Lens specifications 2-megapixel and 1/3-inch CMOS imaging chip
Video output pixels 1080p 50/60,1080i 50/60, 1080p 25/30,720p 50/60
Zoom 10x optical and 12x digital
Focal length f = 3.4 mm to 33.9 mm (F1.8 to F2.1)
Maximum horizontal angle Approx.70º
Panning/Tilting angle Panning: –100º to 100º
Tilting: –25º to 25º
Panning/Tilting speed Minimum panning and tilting : 2º/s Maximum panning: 80º/s, 25º/s tilting
Lowest illumination 15 lux (50 IRE, F1.8)
Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) More than 50 dB
Shutter speed 1/2~1/10000 seconds
White balance Automatic, indoor, outdoor, and manual
Number of preset positions 6
Image Mode
Image Mode Standard, Cool, Warm
Backlight compensation
Backlight compensation On/Off
Automatic adjustment
AWB (Automatic White Balance), AE (Autoexposure), AF (Autofocus)
Special Functions
Inversion support, IR Receiver , Update locally
Video output 1×HD-DVI/YPrPb
Communication control input 1 ×RS-232C
Power supply and power
Input voltage 100–240V AC
Working frequency 50–60 Hz
Output voltage 24V DC
Power < 25W
Physical characteristics
Ambient temperature 0ºC to 40ºC
245 mm×145 mm ×175mm
Weight About 2.7 kg
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