HUAWEI TP3106 is the first 1080P 50/60fps Telepresence worldwide,brings people together in a best ever virtual meeting experience with the European industry design idea,comfortable,immediately and enjoyable.Synergy between people creates value, reduce cost and help you stay ahead of competition.


Smooth 1080p 60 fps Video

HUAWEI TP3106 takes the lead in introducing end-to-end 1080p 60 fps technology to videoconferencing. The 1080p 60 fps technology, the most advanced technology for video processing in the industry, is used in every processing stage from video capture through video coding and decoding, to video display. This feature allows the TP3106 to deliver ultra-HD video with unprecedented smoothness.

Immersive Experience With HD Video and Directional Sound

HUAWEI TP3106 offers real-life telepresence experience at lower bandwidth by VME(Video Motion Enhancement ) and HP(High Profile) dual core drive. We have combined the best of video, audio and collaboration technologies. HUAWEI TP3106 has dual 1080P resolution for content sharing. With 6 MICs and AAC-LD triple-tracks-broadband audio , HUAWEI TP3106 brings you the perfect telepresence experience.

Ease of Use: Integrated System Control via Touch Screen

Ease of use is a long time obstacle for videoconference industry and people hate that complicated and dull remote control. With a re-designed innovative trendy, neat and well organized touchscreen GUI, HUAWEI TP3106 employs worldwide first Android tablet for the conference control ,and now is standing out of competition.

Standard-based, Highly Interoperable

HUAWEI develops standard-based telepresence system , make sure it’s highly interoperable with mainstream telepresence equipments, including telepresence based on TIP.

Worrying about security of your videoconference call ? HUAWEI TP3106 adopts standard-based H.235 and AES encryption techniques to ensure that your videoconference call is well protected from malicious hacking and sniffing. The device configuration and setup is locked by admin password to avoid any misplay.

Technical Specifications


Common PC

Operating system

Windows XP、Windows 7

Max. capacity

16 cameras

Hardware configuration

CPU:core i5

Memory ≧ 2 GHz

Hard disk ≧ 2 TB (depending on the video/image storage duration)

Video adapter: nvidia GTX470



Supported PUs

HUAWEI PUs 、Hikivision PUs and Dahua PUs

Application scenario

Cyber bars

Convenience stores

Banking outlets


Gasoline stations

Parking areas

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