Huawei WS6603 Enterprise WLAN AC
The WS6603 is a radio access controller (RAC) launched by Huawei. Applied in the MAN access and enterprise network access, it is an ideal AC for application environments such as WLAN coverage and hotspot coverage.

It provides wireless data control service that is large-capacity, high-performance, highly- reliable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain. Benefits include network flexibility and energy conservation.


Provides powerful access capacity and manages up to 1024 access points (APs), reaching the highest level of the box AC in the industry.
Provides the quick roaming switching function for the user.
Features the hardware line rate forwarding function through the Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) tunnel.
Supports management through the eSight or command-line interface (CLI).
Supports Ethernet operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM).

Abundant types of ports

Two 10 GE optical ports.
Eight GE optical ports.
Sixteen GE electrical ports.

Large-capacity, high-performance

Manages up to 1024 APs.
Provides fast roaming switching.
Provides the hardware line rate forwarding function through the CAPWAP tunnel.


Supports Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)-based and Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)-based port redundancy.
Supports dual backup of the AC/ DC power supply.
Supports redundancy of fans.
Supports a single power supply when the power module is hot-swapped.
Supports hot swap of fans.

Easy installation, easy maintenance

The power module and fan tray support hot swap.
The NMS provides abundant northbound interfaces (NBIs) and inherits the graphical user interface (GUI), catering for the usage habits of carriers.
The WS6603 supports Ethernet OAM to facilitate fault location.
The WS6603 supports Ethernet OAM, meeting the user's requirements for locating a fault quickly.

Item WS 6603
Power Parameters Dual DC power supplies:-48 V DC
Dual AC power supplies:110 V~220 V AC,50 Hz~60 Hz
Whole-system consumption:65 W
Running Environment Temperature:
Working ambient temperature:-25℃~65℃
Storage ambient temperature:-40℃~70℃
Working ambient humidity:5%~95%(non-condensing)
Device Parameters Dimensions (without mounting brackets):440 mm×250 mm×66 mm
Weight:4.5 Kg

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